Quick Release Bungee Waist Leash

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Options are always great when it comes to where you want to connect your wing or board to your body. The Ride Engine Quick Release Bungee Waist Leash is an alternative to a coiled cord for wing foiling.

The Quick Release Bungee Waist Leash is built with a heavy-duty, webbing-sheathed elastic bungee that's durable and stays out of the way by hanging lower than a coiled cord. The comfortable, padded, easy-to-adjust waist belt comes equipped with a quick release that is secure and out of the way when riding yet easy to access when needed.



  • Durable webbing-sheathed bungee cord
  • Padded easy to adjust waist belt
  • Stainless swivels
  • Quick release equipped
  • Suggested use: Wing foiling wing leash or board leash