Contour V1 Seat Harness

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The Contour is our first-ever seat harness, and great attention was placed in its design in order to address all the shortcomings of traditional seat harnesses.

The key design element in the Contour is the sacrum adjustment plate, which utilizes Curv® material that brings our hard-shell harness DNA into a seat harness.

The sacrum adjustment plate creates a tighter, more supportive fit along the sacrum by removing the gap that is present in most seat harnesses.  Additionally, the Contour is far more compact than other seat harnesses, fitting lower on the hips for added freedom, and has a secure, easy-to-adjust belt entry and adjustable padded leg loops.

*Spreader Bar Sold Separately 


Contour V1 Seat Harness

Sacrum Adjustment Plate

Curv® material in the sacrum adjustment plate creates a tighter, more-progressive harness fit with added protection.


Contour V1 Seat Harness

Low-Hip Fit

Low-profile fit across the hips increases mobility and comfort.


Contour V1 Seat Harness

Adjustable Padded Leg Loops

Neoprene-padded leg loops provide added comfort and are compact for minimal bulk.


Contour V1 Seat Harness

Unity Spreader Bar Ready

The Contour is designed to be used with our Unity Spreader Bar with the included Unity Webbing Clips, but can also be used with an old-style webbing-closure spreader bar if desired.


Contour V1 Seat Harness

Front-Mounted or Sliding Leash Attachment

Rear sliding leash attachment connection that is convertible for a right or left side mount D-ring short leash connection option.


Contour V1 Seat Harness

Internal Waist-Belt Strap

An internal, single-closure waist-belt strap provides a secure fit with easy entry and adjustment.


Contour V1 Seat Harness

Hook-Knife Pocket

Easy access hook-knife pocket location.