Shredtown is Waterdriven


Shredtown is back! After hosting the Shredtown Jamboree and winning a few X Games medals, the crew is back to their true passion, making amazing wakeboarding videos. These guys are the originators of almost everything when it comes to creative park riding and discovering what’s possible. The crew has done it again with their latest masterpiece in which they battle the Ride Engine Logo in multiple scenario’s within the park. We’re stoked to be a part of such a dedicated and creative team of wakeboarders that continuously go above and beyond to satisfy the insatiable need the internet has for top quality content.


“We had an idea to take something simple and see how much we could do with it. It really isn’t about what you have to wakeboard on, its about the passion and commitment you put into a project, and the creativity that comes from that. Hope you guys enjoy this video, and as always, stay tuned there’s more comin!” – Shredtown

It takes more than just your own skills to pull things off Shredtown style. Davis Griffin – Master System 2.0 Operator

Chris Abadie – “Just the Tip…”

Mastermind Andrew Adams stoked with the shot!

Another Quality Production from Shredtown X Ride Engine